Donate to the College

Why Donate to Fatima College?

Where will your money go?

We’re living in unusual times and due to the pandemic, our fundraising efforts have become difficult, almost non-existent. With one of the Old Boys’ responsibilities being to raise funds for the college and the future of its students, we have devised a way to achieve this even during these times. So even though we can’t have our usual fundraising events, you can still donate to the institution… right here!

In the past, Fatima’s various annual fundraising events have been responsible for various achievements such as:
• Smart boards in every classroom
• A new 6th Form Wing
• A new Mezzanine
• A refurbished Pavilion
• A refurbished Library
• A College Store (The Grey Pocket)
• A new Basketball court

But we still require your support for our future projects. Every little counts. Pledge your donation to help support the college and the future education of its students.

In our ongoing effort to support the College, we are asking that you give generously.
If you wish to contribute more than once, the link is available at any time. We appreciate any support, that you can afford.
We thank you in advance for your contribution.

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